For Yourself

The gods Giunione and Giove, who combine to as...Image via WikipediaHere's a tip for the ladies.  If you've never had an orgasm, for gods sake get yourself a copy of For Yourself by Lonnie Barbach.  Its all about your body and learning what it takes to have an orgasm and then helping your partner do it to.

Its a lousy $8!  I actually gave a copy to my little sister 20 years ago and she got a lot of benefit from it.

Remember, if you're not enjoying it, it doesn't matter how safe it is; its not worth the risk.  Yes, you may do it for someone else, but if that person is worth doing it for, they really care that you enjoy it to.  And if you're both just doing it for each other, well, that just don't make no sense at all.
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